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Manufacturing is never easy, and electronic manufacturing can be a difficult test for even the most patient and persistent of us. With over a quarter century of experience and countless satisfied clients, NAS Electronics Manufacturing can aid you in navigating the complicated waters that is our industry.

We specialize in US domestic contract manufacturing of Printed Circuit Boards & PCB Assembly, offshore vendor management, cost increase mitigation solutions, and lead time & delivery streaming.



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Glen Wayne

Co-Founder & President

E: glenw@nas4assembly.com


Cheryl Wayne

Co-Founder & Vice-President

E: cherylw@nas4assembly.com


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BOM Tools

Cost it, scrub it, reduce it, and monitor it…

Cost & Scrub

Our BOM scrubbing tool will help you to source parts from authorized distributors, validate all your part numbers, and cost an entire BOM in a single simple step.

Free Cost Reduction Analysis

We assist your engineering team to identify and select quality brands that are “fit, form, and function” drop-in replacements to items on your BOM.

End of Life (EOL) Alerts

Our EOL Alerts monitors every part and it’s updated status to ensure you are notified of any changes in life-cycle status to give you time to approve new parts or crosses.

Lead Time Monitoring

Our lead time monitoring tool will continually monitor your Bill of Materials to notify of longer than normal lead times before it affects your production.

NAS Electronics Manufacturings FREE easy to use tools can help automate your BOM Management process with just an easy click.


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PCB Manufacturing News and Information

Choosing a Contract Manufacturer: A Buyer’s Guide

Getting the right level of performance from your Contract Manufacturing (CM) partner can help take your company to the next level of success and improve your profit margin by decreasing production costs. This short read contains some best practices collected from several Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Offshore Sourcing- Ensuring Your Success

Many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are choosing to source the parts needed for production from offshore suppliers. If done correctly, this can help to keep you competitive in the marketplace, but one wrong step can have the exact opposite effect. Many larger OEMs conduct site visits with their offshore suppliers to ensure they meet the…

Lower Cost by Design

Increasing profitability is a priority for any manufacturer. Whether you are working with a Contract Manufacturer (CM) or building the product yourself, the best time to reduce the cost of your builds is before you ever go into production. Many smart Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) use the following cost reduction techniques to lower their production…

Get Your Product to Market on Time

Many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) share the frustration of getting their product built and to market on-time. By having a clear set of principles to follow, you can greatly decrease the chances of a production delay. Here are some suggestions that could assist you in achieving your production goals. Manufacturing Diversification In a recent survey,…

Counterfeit Components: A Global Supply Chain Challenge

If you’ve been in the electronics industry for any time at all, you have heard about counterfeit components. In a recent government study, 39% of OEMs say they have been directly impacted by this problem.  This is a serious matter and learning how to avoid becoming victim to this brand-damaging issue is an absolute necessity…

The Aftermath of the West Coast Labor Dispute

If you have had longer than normal supply chain delays as of late, you undoubtedly know that a major reason has been the West coast port closure. Laborers have been in negotiations for better wages, effectively shutting down most West coast ports and leading to massive delays. While we are not the only industry affected…