We continue to invest in ourselves, facility, and equipment to ensure the highest possible quality product is produced at the lowest possible cost.



NAS – Nevada Central

Location: Las Vegas
Size of facility in square feet: 15,000

Certifications: ISO9001:2015, UL Certified, ETL Certified, FDA Registered

This is our corporate headquarters and warehousing facility. This site allows us to offer two advantages that other CMs don’t, Third Party Logistic (3PL) services and on-hand stock of over 3 million electronic components. In addition to electronics manufacturing, we offer a full range of 3PL services. This allows us to support your business needs far beyond the assembly process. We can inventory your finished products and ship directly to your end user. Unlike other CMs who do not like to carry any inventory and only buy enough product to build your units, we maintain a vast inventory of the components you use at all times. Because of this, we can respond faster to your needs and eliminate production delays due to lead-time issues.

Equipment List

  • DEK Horizon 03i, Screen printer,  2D paste inspection with gridlock PCB supports
  • DEK Horizon 03i, Screen printer,  2D paste inspection with gridlock and paste dispenser
  • DEK Horizon 02i, Screen printer,  gridlock PCB supports
  • ELITE E4500 precision screen printer
  • Juki FX-1RL Dual gantry Chip shooter
  • Juki FX-1RL Dual gantry Chip shooter
  • Juki 2060R Placement Machine
  • Juki 2060R Placement Machine
  • Juki TR6 LCS side mount tray feeder
  • Juki TR6 LCS side mount tray feeder
  • 380+ Feeders and 26 Trolley carts
  • NTE-710L Magazine loaders
  • JOT Automation 2 Zone Conveyors
  • Assembleon Topaz Xii: Pick and Place Machines with FES Cart System
  • 400+ feeders, 18 feeder carts
  • Phillips LCS: Double Shuttle Large Capacity Storage Feeder
  • Lynx Inspection Station: 2 Zone Conveyor
  • BTU International Pyramax: 14 zone reflow oven
  • BTU International Pyramax 98: 14 zone reflow oven
  • KIC 2000: Oven Temperature Profile unit
  • JOT Automation 2 Zone Conveyors
  • JOT FIFO units
  • JOT LIFO Units
  • Yestech Yes Vision F1: 6 Camera AOIs
  • Mirtec MV7Xi AOI Inspection System
  • Jot LIFOs
  • Novastar SPA-400F: Lead-Free Selective Solder Machine
  • South-Tek on-site Nitrogen Generator
  • Cluso Vision Systems First Article Inspection System
  • Thechnical Devices Mark I: Leaded Wave Solder
  • Amistar AI-6448: Axial Auto-Insertion Machine
  • Trident ZDO Duo: Dual Batch Washer
  • DI Water Filtration System
  • 8 – Mantis Vision Scopes: Inspection Miscroscopes
  • 16 – Hako Future Module Model FM-202 Soldering Stations
  • 3M 963 Benchtop Air Ionizers
  • Met-Cal Dual Solder Stations
  • Air-Vac PCBRM12L: Leaded Hand Wave Solder Unit
  • Air-Vac PCBRM12L: Lead free Hand Wave Solder Unit
  • Speedline/Electrovert Vectra Lead Free Wave Solder System
  • Dek Vector Guard Stencil frame system
  • Sierra SRT Summit automated BGA Rework Station w/ Leica MS5 Microscope
  • Glenbrook X-ray inspection unit
  • Chipmaster BGA Rework Units
  • Hakko Hot Air Plates and air pens
  • Komax Gamma 333PC: Wire Processing Machine
  • Conformal coating shop
  • Dual conformal coat baking ovens
  • Eubanks Model 4900: Wire Cut/Strip Machine
  • Manncorp Model C0U2000ALL Motorized Components Counters
  • Amp-O-Lectric Model K: Crimp Press
  • Unisoft: Programming and Production Documentation Software 
  • ESD certified work space with ESD waxed floors
  • Climate and humidity controlled production environment