Glen and Cheryl Wayne      As we begin our 28th year in business, we reflect on the impact it has had on us, our valued staff, customers, vendors and our community. We know that in any relationship, marriage, raising children, working together, or any other long term commitment, the ability to grow, change and overcome obstacles and hurdles is both critical and challenging. The pride and joy received from being one of the lucky few to achieve longevity, while watching the individuals involved in the process grow and mature, is worth more than the accomplishment itself.

We started with the vision that we would be successful if we could help make others successful.  We knew that by using our knowledge and experience, and continual reinvestment in the company, we would have an impact on not only our own lives, but on the lives of the people and companies we are fortunate enough to work with.

It is truly rewarding to see the products on the market that we have been part of, see the companies we have assisted grow and flourish, see the people involved become personally successful, in business and in their personnel lives, graduating college, getting promoted, getting married, having families, travelling the world, retiring, etc.  This only happens when we are connected to each other on a supportive caring level.   The ability to think and see beyond ourselves while believing in your heart, that if our co-workers, customers and vendors are successful, we will be successful as a result.  By finding a way to help others, everything else falls into place.