We opened our doors in 1991 with 3 simple goals:

   1.  Think like an OEM by treating each assembly as if it were our own product.

   2.  Do more for customers than simply build and deliver their products.

   3.  Have fun bringing customers’ ideas to life.


Glen Wayne, our founder, had a passion for electronics ever since receiving a Radio Shack electronics kit from his Dad when he was 8 years old. This soon lead to building actual working electronic boards and fun projects like hooking up the Christmas lights to music, making TV’s, radios,  and alarms for bicycles. You could say, he started his first electronics company in 1972 when he was eleven.  At 16, he continued with that passion by repairing electronics for friends and neighbors. By 17 he went to work at Radio Shack doing retail sales and repairs on returned equipment.   He attended college in Southern California and worked on his engineering degree, then went to work in distribution as product applications engineer helping to assist OEMs with product selection on new designs. After 10 years, he felt he could better assist engineers with their designs and production needs if he started his own company.

Established in 1990, Competitive Components, our authorized distribution division, focused on engineering support and outsourced services like complete “BOM production kitting.”  When the industry moved from thru-hole to surface mount production, it created the demand for Turn-Key SMT solutions. This led Glen, at the age of 27, to start NAS Electronics Manufacturing offering a wide variety of outsourced production services.

28 years later, NAS has a sate of art manufacturing facility in and Nevada while Competitive Components has over 40 authorized lines. We are happy to report that Glen still has his passion for electronics and continues to work closely with all our customers to make their “fun projects” come to life every day.