Maintain complete control of the products used on your boards without any of the headaches or expenses.

No sourcing, no expediting, no incoming freight, and no shortages, and at less than you currently pay!  Isn’t that easier?

Some of the best ideas come from our customers.

As an electronics manufacturing partner, complete Bill of Materials (BOM) fulfillment is one of our most valuable, and important, roles. Our advanced alert monitoring system combined with quick and low cost parts for your entire BOM  is what sets us apart from the rest of the pack. We listened to our customers and discovered that some customers prefer complete “BOM Kitting” without utilizing our assembly service. This allows customers to utilize our complete BOM purchasing power while allowing more control in their assembly partner. This is a smart choice for companies who want to maintain control over their products without all the headaches of managing the parts themselves. In addition, it offers the same cost benefits as turnkey assembly because we maintain the inventory for you until it goes into production. You don’t pay for anything until you need it!

Kitting Benefits:

  • Your “Production Ready” kit, including PC Boards, can be delivered to you or directly to your assembly partner
  • Provides traceability of all board level components to ensure quality
  • Your components are inventoried at our facility, at our expense, until you need them for production
  • Dramatically improves your time to market
  • Eliminates line-down shortages due to lead time or obsolescence issues
  • Lower costs by paying for the product as you need it
  • Lowers your overall cost of procurement
  • Pay in a single invoice, not 20
  • Global reach in the supply chain
  • Will decrease or eliminate excess inventory
  • Dramatic savings in freight expenses with one shipment from one supplier
  • Never have to expedite again
  • Improved efficiency for your entire organization, including: sourcing, purchasing, expediting, receiving, stocking, pulling, and accounting


An outsourcing solution that makes perfect sense, thanks for the great idea!