1.  Dramatically lowers your cost:

BOMs are typically based on brand familiarity during the design process, not the most cost effective quality brand available. Our cost reduction tool helps your engineering team during the selection process by identifying quality brands that are “fit, form and function” drop-in replacements to items on your BOM. This logical approach can dramatically lower your production costs on new designs as well as boards currently in production without sacrificing quality.


2.  Protects your production against obsolescence:

By identifying second source’s for parts on your BOM, it gives you protection against production delays caused by any part that is discontinued.



6Cost Reduction Summary
cost reduction summary

The summary of your analysis is where you can find the complete information on your potential savings should your engineering team agree and approve our recommendations. It includes your current cost, our suggested items cost, and your overall savings. Cost reductions are then further broken down by calculating the savings; per board, per year and the projected remaining lifecycle of your product. As you can see from the real life example above, the results can speak for themselves.

number 5 bomBoard Saving by Part savings

We then calculate the savings based on your “per board” usage for each line item using the new lower cost.

number 4 bomReplacement Part Cost new price

We suggest identical replacement parts and give you the information to evaluate.

number 3 bomSuggest Replacement Parts
crossed pn

We suggest identical replacement parts and give you the information to evaluate.

number 2 bomEvaluate Current PricingUnit Price

With market pricing information we identify the parts to focus on. Inexpensive parts like caps and resistors are typically not analyzed  based on their very low average cost. Just like you, when looking for cost reductions, we focus on the items that can offer the largest savings.

number 1 bomVerify Your Current Information

part number

Similar to our BOM Scrubbing tool, we start by making sure all of your data is accurate.


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