Our BOM scrubbing tool will help you to source parts from authorized distributors, validate all your part numbers, and cost an entire BOM in a single simple step. Get budgetary quotes in just a few hours without the hassle of sourcing and compiling any of the data yourself.

Simply upload your BOM to receive your FREE bill of materials report like the example below.




number 1 bom  Validate Part Numbers

We run through your entire BOM to verify part numbers to ensure they are orderable parts.


BOM Scrub Results

number 2 bom  Identify Minimum Order Quantitiesmoq

By identifying the Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) you can accurately price your board and identify the proper number of boards to put into production per run.


number 3 bom  Price Your Entire BOMbudgetary pricing

Using pricing from all the major authorized distributors, we include vendor and costing information for budgetary pricing on your entire BOM. This free service is not offered through other Contract Manufacturers (CMs).


number 4 bom  Identify Life-Cycle Status
life cycle

Over 350,000 parts go obsolete every year. With so many parts moving to End of Life (EOL) or obsolescence, most BOMs have at least one part that is EOL. We will identify these parts for you as well as make suggestions for a replacement part. We also notify you of parts that are Not Recommended for New Design (NRD) to help you get ahead of the obsolescence game.


number 5 bom  Estimate Build Cost
budgetary board cost

This combines the individual budgetary pricing of the parts and estimates your total cost per board and per build for you automatically.  No more tedious time wasted on hours of sourcing and compiling data!


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